Sunday, June 14, 2009

beautiful life

Everyday I wake up and thank God for such a beautiful life. I know that there are so many BAD things that I have been through in my life but when I look at some of the struggles of other people who have it bad every single day of their life, i begin to appreciate mine much more. I know I am bound for success and the people that have supported me thru thick and thin will see just as many benefits from my success as I do. As for the people who tried to tear me down or who were unloyal, they will not see me at all. One thing about me is that I am always there for my friends and I love giving and supporting. I expect the same in return.
Friendship is a funny thing. It is just a term. When you meet someone, you can call them your friend within the first five minutes of knowing them, but you really don't know what their motives are. Friendship is something different to me. It is something you have to prove. It is one of the single most things in the world that make life beautiful.

peace love joy
savannah flower

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