Thursday, June 18, 2009

who are these b*tches?

At my school there is WAY too much drama. I'm a theatre major and even I can't take it. Since elementary school I have endured drama which actually made me who I am today. I have done some weird and crazy things to get rid of drama. I have hurt ppl and even faught people at their doorstep to clear my name. Basically I don't take shit from people and I want everyone to know that right now.
>If you are my friend and you hurt me, i will find it in my heart to forgive you but I will also be cautious about what I say around you and how good I make you feel about yourself.
>If you are an acquaintance and you try and hurt me, I will probably just never speak to you again.
>If you are nobody (def.- someone I don't give a fuck about) and you try and hurt me, I will ask you to go re-evaluate your life because mine is clearly so important that you had to invade my space.
>NOW, if you try and hurt my friends I will hunt you down and skin you of you natural born pride and make sure you bleed the pain you tried to cause ten times over.

I am a very sweet person and I am intelligent and sometimes I am forgiving. I am never fake and I will never say something about you behind your back that I will not say in front of your face. I don't know what kind of "lack of dignity person" people can be and honestly I don't really care. I am a Libra and quite frankly I try and stay away from drama and confrontation. But Libras happen to have the worst temper. Once you tip my scale, the measures I will go through to bring back balance in my life are detrimental. I will blow up your body!

So this brings me to this question. WHO ARE THESE BITCHES? You are lower than the lowest levels in hell. If you are beneath my feet, you need to stay there. I have freedom of speech and I will say and type what I please. If you NOW have something you want to actually say to my face, please proceed so I can bash in yours.

(sorry I cannot put my usual motto after this post)
"fuck wit me"
savannah flower

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