Monday, June 1, 2009 do you look at the world...

Sometimes I feel as though I look at the world through a completely different lens then everyone else. I see the world as this magnificent place with all kinds of people that you meet from different places. People are amazing, whose idea was it to build all these big buildings and make all these structures which seem like they were made by gods. I see the beautiful atmosphere which we attempt to destroy everyday. The grass, the trees, the different animals and how we all share the world in a semi-peaceful manner. Look how far we have come in this world. The graphics we have to create movies and crazy monsters that don't really exist. Everyone has their own talents and specialtyies. How can we live in this beautiful world and not be happy? How can people wish to die?
Next time you are feeling down, go outside and look at the sunset. It is bound to make you smile because you can see how beautiful the world really is. Join the hippie movement =]

peace love joy
savannah flower

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