Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who I am

...They say this stage in your life is when you learn the most about yourself. I feel like I'm on a self-discovery everyday. I learn something new about my self each and every hour of my life. I feel like with all the wild and crazy things I've done in my life, I have somewhat made it like a movie. A movie that only I have been watching. Maybe this is why I love music and listen to it as loud as I can every moment I can. The music I listen to is like the soundtrack to the movie I call LIFE.
...It may seem weird but somehow I live off adreneline. I live for the moments where I may feel scared or nervous just to feel that rush as soon as I get a tedious task accomplished. Maybe this is why my whole life, I have been the wild crazy one that does things just to get in trouble or done things knowing there was a huge risk involved. These are the things that keep me going, weirdly enough.
...Sometimes I wish people could see life through my eyes and see the things I have gone through. This is why it is so amazing to be a writer. It is like showing the world something using your words to depict the images that you see with your own two eyes. I wonder why sometimes I find myself put in these dangerous or heart-pumping cirumstances and I now know its because I love the moments where my heart is pumping a mile a minute. It may be because someone has cornered me and I need to find a way out, or I'm with someone I have great and strong feelings for, or I'm so happy to the point where I could burst.
...The lows in life are sometimes refreshing because they bring dynamic to my life in ways a movie script could. The tears that sometimes fall down my face are sometimes just emotions from anywhere, they may not even be my own emotions. I just want people to know how much I value life and how I want to take advantage of all the opportunities that come my way. Each and every day is an episode to my life in my eyes. Each and every day is also a blessing.

...live life to the fullest
...live life like no one is looking
...never stop suprising yourself
...never stop learning
...take every oppotunity to become better
...take every risk that makes you brave

peace love joy
savannah flower

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