Friday, May 29, 2009

the things i actually think about...

Sometimes I think about things and I wonder if people around me think that same things. I often wonder what animals are thinking. It is funny how they watch tv or seem as though they are listening to what we say. They like attention and uusually are very happy when their owners come home. I wonder if they wonder why they are in a house full of humans, or where their friends are on the outside, or why the house is such a mess? I also wonder if they long to do bigger things like be on TV or go to the store.
Has your pet ever just sat there and stared at you and looked sad? Has your pet ever bothered you to the point where you had to put them back in the cage or go to another room? What were they thinking in those moments and what are their deepest, darkest wishes? I actually think about these things all the

peace love joy
savannah flower

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