Friday, May 29, 2009

. . . all for me . . .

Part of being a Libra is realizing when your life is out of balance. The slightest tip in our scales can result in a big explosion. When we start new projects sometimes we tend not to finish them because they unbalance the scales and we start to realize that our life is no longer in balance.

Its time I started to focus on myself. I can't have someone always completely tipping my scales way out of wack. That was ridiculous and now I sit back and laugh about how some people were right, I was being the stupid friend. But now that is over. I am back on track.

My scales are in balance...I took all the bullshit off the other scale and now it feels as though a weight was lifted off of me. If I'm not working hard this summer, then I'll be playing hard with the people that matter most. I am second to none....its all for me <3

peace love joy
savannah flower

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