Saturday, May 23, 2009 you know my next move huh?

So many people think that they know me so well to the point where they tell me what they think I am going to do next. The point is that they are ALL wrong. I don't even know my next move. The safest thing to say is that only God knows and even he is wondering why I am moving so fast and without reason. In life we depend on those around us to help us get through the day to day struggles but the truth is the word depend is a strong one. You cannot depend on anyone or anything. You cannot even depend on tomorrow.
So what to do now? Now that you just realized that you are all alone in your little capsule which you call your human body. A body with a timed destruction date. The one thing we can depend on in life is death because it is the only thing certain for each person.

So if you know me so well........tell me what I am going to do next.....
savannah flower

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  1. I think you will continue to work hard to achieve your dreams all whilst loving God...