Friday, May 22, 2009

The best descriptions of love

"Love is the pain that that is internal. It can feel like fire or needles or sometimes even a knife paining you from the inside. It always hurts no matter what you do but somehow it works because its uniqueness comes from its irony. Since when is something painful beautiful?"
-Shaquan Sheridan

"Love is the un dying passion to be with someone and a want to be with them for the rest of your life. When you cannot picture your life without someone then you know that you are in love."
-Tieani Martinez

"Love was the death of my ego."
-Craig Moore

"I honestly don't think I can put it into words but I know what it feels like. I feel like you know the moment you fall in love with someone."
-Jazmyn Thompson

"Love is the total transference of one's inner self to a land of utopia to a place so permanent that one's mind, body and soul has a constant need for another..."
-Eric Smith

"True love only comes from God so there is no way on earth that any human can explain it because honestly we don't really know it."
-Cienna Ramone

"Love is when the thought of a person makes you want to laugh, cry, smile, sing in the rain, and sit in solitude all in one. You laugh because this person brings joy to your life. You cry because you are worried about this person. You smile because you don't really know what exactly to feel. You sing in the rain because you sometimes have not a care in the world except that person. You sit in solitude so you can experience these feelings all in one while you have that thought about that person."
-Jeremiah Harris

"Love is the only emotion in this world that would literally beat you up and knock you down without you noticing. It's more than the butterflies in your stomach but the two heartbeats that are in sync with one another. Let's not forget about the ride or die aspect. You would do anything for the person you love. Love is a constant smile on your face knowing that someone is happy with you no matter what; flaws and all. Love is not necessarily your soul mate but your better half."
-Kristen Douthit

"Love is fictionary."
-Julia Costa

"Love is when your heart can't heal from the loss of someone."
-Ian John

"Love is the bottomless feeling that you never want to go away. It makes you all super warm on the inside when you think of him and you never want to let him go when you're with him cause you want the feeling to last forever."
-Courtney Morgan

"Love is outside of time, just like space. Pointless yet there for a reason which we have not yet discovered."
-Angela Black

"Love is like having a child. It grows inside and then after 9 months it needs to be taken out."
-Taren Jodie

"Love is a self-sacrificing compassionate form of trust and faith."
-Nickolas Mitchell

"Love is getting a 1.5 on your report card and smiling. You feel dumb as shit but you are happy with what you got."
-Deron Hogans

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  1. my favorite was "love was the death of my ego"...thats such a strong statement!

  2. yes i know...i was like OMGEE you're amazing