Friday, May 22, 2009

What is love really?

In high school love was something you claimed after a couple of months of dating. One person would say it and gradually the other person would say it as well and all would be good until the problems arrived. After a couple of months trying to get thru these problems, they would break up tragically and say they just weren't meant for each other. But what happened to the love? That couple would either find new counterparts or get back together and try again. So someone tell me what is love really? And when does it happen? And when do you realize that you are in love? Does it hit you like a ton of bricks or do you realize more and more everyday?

Sometimes people confuse love with the feeling after like. So what is this stage in between like and love? What can you call it? What do you do when you get that urge to say "I love you" but you are not sure if you are truly in love? What if you love someone for that moment but you know that later on you may not love them in the moment?

You love your friends and you love your family but how does that love differ from the love that you have with your counterpart? Or does if even differ? Love involves a deep understanding of one another, the willingness to communicate, the loyalty of a lion, the honesty of committment and your whole heart.

So someone tell me, if you are missing one of these things then are you not in love? Can you fall in love instantly? Can love at first site happen? Can you love someone and not know it? Apparently the human condition is way to complicated to figure out any of these questions. So someone tell me, in your own words.....what is love, really?
savannah flower


  1. i feel like love is eternal, it is that feeling when you have so many emotions at once. It's when u want to give your everything to anoher person no matter the outcome because you're willing to take that risk even though ou might be scared. It's when someone else has the ability to affect your emotions with the snap of a finger.
    P.S. i like this post, so many of us ask these exact questions.

  2. thank sweetie, i love your input =]